The OSIRIS Network


We are the OSIRIS Network, we are not an organization—We are the banner that waves and proudly proclaims us as the unwanted, the unfitting, the dispossessed, those who refuse to bend to the norms of polite society and those who refuse to sign our souls to any group that would control us. Our banner is the last desperate gasp of freedom in a totalitarian galaxy.

The OSIRIS Network is a loose and enigmatic conglomeration of the White Belt’s unwanted, many of whose only true connection to one another exists within the darknet. Its membership is comprised of anarchists, survivalists, the destitute; people from all walks of life who either failed to find a place among society, or were forced from it. The Network considers itself, first and foremost, a home to these undesirables—it believes itself to be the last bastion of freedom within the White Belt.

Onia’s largest cell is made up primarily of punks, edgerunners, and less-than-professional problem-solvers. Their base of operations is concealed in plain sight under the Osiris Arcadium, a combination barcade and pizzeria located in the docks district of Dusklight Colony.


The OSIRIS Network was originally a digital-only scene that would go on to evolve a ground-game based on the running of goods between White Belt planets during the Secession War. After the White Belt Administration’s establishment in 2813 it continued to solidify its purpose and niche, adapting to the new norms.

Today, it exists as a proxy for other interests, whether local governments, corporate competition, or smaller-scale private or public groups needing anything done that can’t be publicly acted upon. Whether smuggling medical supplies to rural settlements or hacking corporate servers—OSIRIS aims to coordinate contracts to local runner teams, in and out of network.

Within Dusklight there are numerous small cells and safehouse locations throughout the colony, while unknown to almost all in the public the most notable safehouse is the the Osiris Arcadium. It is a pizzeria-barcade with a small net-cafe, a catchall for chilling and relaxing for the tech-savvy punks of the system, it is a personal enterprise used as a front for a safehouse and a hub for grey-market and black-market fencing and distribution.

The Arcadium is built atop a survivalist bunker—a civilian building created by a man named Redrick in 2753. Redrick was a paranoid recluse, explorer, and retired mercenary who owned and operated the Arcadium in its original iteration: a children’s pizzeria. By 2777, it was converted into an adult-oriented establishment popular with smugglers in the region. In 2789 Redrick vanished into the wilderness with his younger brother, leaving the Arcadium to a drug-runner who went by the moniker Porcupine. Porcupine converted the base into a key front for the black-market in the region and managed the business throughout the wartime years, after his untimely death in early 2819, the arcade would lay dormant for months. Lived in and haphazardly managed by the few remaining runners until, until April 2820 when the network transferred ownership to two Nobrean runners: Ada and Ventana Rouhani.


OSIRIS is a decentralized network of loosely aligned individuals. Lacking both a base of power or any form of true leadership, it may be easier to tell what Osiris isn’t, than what it is. Osiris isn’t an organization, it is not in fact, a faction. It has no goals, no wishes for dominance or power and it has no dogma it wishes to force onto others. This is not to say it lacks purpose. Its purpose is to survive, and this usually means to acquire money. Everything in society runs off money, which it needs to support itself, its members and its infrastructure. But it is more then a purely mercenary syndicate, it is a community united more by a vague ethical code and necessity than coherent philosophy.

The network evolved from hacker and cracker communities, piracy sceners and anarchists, and in many ways its central ethical ideas are not dissimilar from these cultural groups. Echoing statements of past philosophies. Information Should be Free, or Right to Well-Being; Well-Being for All. some even go as far as to believe that they are in a one-man revolution. But most of all, a desire to be personally free.


The first thing to note about the network is it lacks any traditional hierarchy. The system administrators communicate the broad interests of the entire network and permit its continued existence and the system operators manage local networks and work to ensure its safety. While moderators, do just that, moderate disagreements.

  • SysAds – Enigmatic entities that are never seen and little known. SysAds, or System Administrators are often rumored to be powerful free AI or unrestricted egos freed from meat altogether, existing only in the churn of data. Their skills and abilities to react within the net and coordinate vast quantities of information and disparate networks is second to none.
  • SysOps – The heads of local networks, and reps for the greater network, the SysOps, or System Operators are in charge of maintaining cells, network hubs. More importantly, they are the tool that can reproduce the machine intelligence that permit access to the Network, and monitor the bulletin boards that are piggybacked along other FTL transmissions. They are the de facto leadership, though they are heavily encouraged to not use their leadership for purposes beyond the preservation of their cell or the network as a whole.
  • Moderators – Local reps of the network, a bridge for major contracts and those with the special duty to moderate disagreements within the network. They are the rank and file leadership, although they have no direct hierarchical power over others.
  • Runners – The majority among equals. Most network operatives are runners of one sort or another, and mark anyone who is a member of the network. there are near infinite roles, possibilities and duties among the broad sphere known as runners, from back alley doctors to gun-toting troubleshooters.
  • Gophers – Prospects being tested for inclusion into true membership. A gopher has been given limited access to the net but is not truly a member.


While not a group with incredible manufacturing capabilities or researchers, OSIRIS has developed or utilizes some notable pieces of tech that need to be described.

Osiris Net Agent

The net-agent is the only method of easily and reliably entering into the OSIRIS intranet and VPN. It is self-destructing single-instance semi-autonomous program that allows limited access to the network, and is able to then increase or decrease its permissions based upon the needs of the net. This program is in fact a virtual intelligence that’s designed with just enough freedom to defend itself from breach and destroy itself if at risk. Each instance is a fork from a more potent intelligence with concepts such as ‘personality’ or ‘free will’ removed from its program. These net-agents are only able to be requested by SysOps or higher, and a limited number of copies may be transferred to hard disc for recruiters and are carefully monitored to prevent significant intrusions.


While locally the network is limited only by the infrastructure of the system and planet it is located within, FTL communications are significantly more difficult. While bulk information is transported by network runners operating data transport ships, the true secretive power of the Network is the OSNET system. Resembling the Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) of old 20th century earth, they are extremely limited ASCII-based interfaces. This is to minimize data size as it is piggybacked in military, corporate and governmental quantum-communications. Obscured among excess bytes of data and allowing relatively constant, if limited communication across vast stellar distances. It has a few notable forks and similar systems that vary in purpose, at least one of which is a multi-user-dungeon and a few host notable door-games.

Direct Neural Interface

While hardly unique to the network, it is important enough to be detailed. A DNI usually takes the form of a jack, a port that allows direct interface to a computer integrated into the nervous-system of the individual, whether located in the spine, neck skull, etc. Though external brain-stimulating strips are also used for those without augmentations. These permit computer usage and integration to be at a purely neural level. This can allow fast-as-thought hacking, temporarily assuming personalities completely separate from ones own, or just really gnarly porn.

General Out of Character Information

Our current leader is werescrib.resident (WereScrib#7076) Subleadership includes garinovitch.raviprakash (Sovierika#9430), Johann.vaughan (Contradiction#1221) and ScratchThat.Resident (Polly#7453)

Applications to join are found here! It should be noted, in character it’s less an ‘application’ and more a background check being run by our administration for ‘useful people’ to investigate for hire.

Our Current Manual is here! A lot of this information is not publicly known, so please don’t take it as such.